When skies are grey.

Everything's so grey and uninspiring at the moment I need some sunshine in my life.In my desperation Iv'e resorted to staring wistfully at blast from the past summer pictures on my computer whilst  trying in vain to add some sunshine to my day by making my room quite literally glow with an obscene amount of candles and incense...white musk and vanilla..mmmm.I'm even wearing shorts just because... and thinking about what Im going to wear in Cuba in April which with some help from him up there this is going to come true.Please?In other news I'm really quite perplexed at how Angus Stone got to be so god damn beautiful.In the interest of my ability to procrastinate by hitting the replay button on youtube on the same video..of the same the same man..humungous amounts in one day...It really shouldn't be allowed.Thanks again for all your lovely emails ragazzini!

Missing the rays and times like these..

taking photo's like these..

dreaming of this...

 and him..

All images by Hannah Christina Lourdes, Michael Swann and via destination360.

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