When the day is done and little dreamers spin.

Lace headband,Velvet dress-New Look,Skull necklace-own design,Rings-Topshop,Bangle-Urban outfitters,Lace cape-Vintage.
Not long ago I came across the 'ex boyfriend' necklace on La Dama and thereafter lost all trace of rational thought. It's beauty plagued my mind day in, day out as did my dwindling funds and thus inability to buy the cursed thing. My mind went in to overdrive. I came up with the only possible solution and began what quickly became known as a DIY extravaganza. What followed involved ridiculous amounts of what appears to be the superist of super glues around, copious amounts of lace and imported stones from the farthest regions of...the beach. Today I returned to show my necklace it's homeland, with Hasselblad, lace cape (that fools the cleverest of beings summer is just around the corner, when its not really. Is it? Lets be honest) and my trusted hound in toe. To say the occasion was special would be an understatement of gigantuous proportions. Stones/skulls now look most learned and wise and are currently basking in the glory of their newly found knowledge. All seemed well with the world. Oh woe to me how wrong I was, how wrong was I. For now I have discovered the spring/summer Alexander Mcqueen clutch collection and I highly suspect that DIY can not save my wounded heart this time. Having managed to glue my fingers together a total of six times in the process of making my has to consider that a DIY extravaganza with an object of larger scale e.g clutch handbags, may lead to hospitalisation or other grave and perilous consequences.xx

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  1. Oh I love those pictures and your lace cape is gorgeous!