image by Lisa Grigsby.

Although Marvin Gaye did not specifically mention Greenwich village, I had "heard it through the grapevine" that Greenwich village was a must visit whilst in New York.What Marvin completely failed to mention whilst busy telling me that "he knew about my plans to make him blue with some other guy that I knew before"..(How he knew? I'm not quite sure.. but then discretion has never been my strong point) I digress.Basically Mr Gaye got a bit carried away and did not tell me that that Greenwich is the greatest place invented.Ever..and now it seems so far away!We made quite a view visits to Magnolia bakery and purchased ridiculously large amounts of Iced Molasses cookies,walked on the waterfront and looked at the insanely beautiful view of NewYork,I lived in sheepskin boot heels,floral flares and fedoras,went a nearly a week without washing my hair due to a really poor excuse for a hairdryer and consequently used an entire can of lucy's dry hair shampoo and on our last night we found solace in Carnegie deli and made art work out of their famous strawberry cheesecake.Currently collecting wood to make a raft and paddle back over.xx
All images Grace Martinez.

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