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This morning brought a very exciting development in the form of some astoundingly amazing bags by Jerome the way is totally the other half to Isabel Marant. Yeah. Now thats a couple and a half. So I saw these and got a tad excited went over to the website and oh dear lord. There before  my eyes a whole selection of different styles in different colours with different names..and now for the best bit...when you click on each name you get a hilarious very french voice shouting the name at you. Literally mad my day.The voices actually sound french too..not my version of french which consist of a lot of "..eurrrggggghhhh..oui...euuuurrrrgggggghhhh ..non..."although I have got my "eughhh's" to sound so god damn french now it amazes me.SACRE BLEU.I suggest you all head over to the website and brighten up your day listening to random french people shout 'ALBERT' or 'BANDIT' at you although I do believe 'MAX' is my all time favourite. BISOUS xxx

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