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Entry to paradise

My stunning bedroom with doors out to the pool.

View of the atlas mountains from the balcony

Ok, so I’m in heaven. Complete and utter bliss. After a rather eventful start to the trip which involved repacking suitcases in front of some very smug (in  my opinion) passers by the middle of Gatwick airport north terminal 5 in the morning..Finally made it to Marrakech. It is absolutely magical. There is so much colour and life here it literally looks like something from Aladdin.. which is why I fully intend on trying to fly home on a carpet. At least that way I won’t have to deal with flight attendants that can’t handle early mornings and luggage weight limits. So after lunch a beautiful courtyard and my first Tagine the journey to our villa began. Right. These guys have NO rules when it comes to driving. NONE...and this comes from someone who's lived in Sicily. No. Driving here is Manic and it came to the point where I had to laugh and the absurdness of it all. I love it here.

Arriving at 'home' for the next few weeks I couldn’t quite believe it. This place is the most beautiful villa I have ever been in..ever. It's paradise. With nothing to do but goggle at the amazing surroundings I’ve gone past relaxed. Still trying to fathom out how it is that our villa stands with beautiful green gardens in 30 degree heat with views of snow topped mountains (yes snow) which have desert on the other side. Crazy.i'll update you all soon !Bacixxx

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