Ok, so today was set aside for taking down all the decorations and getting rid of the entirely glorious christmas tree.This is, perhaps, the most depressing task ever. Right now its dark, and the christmas tree is outside probably shaking with cold and reminiscing over it glory days when it  had lights and serious style...sad times. I knew this day would be emotionally draining so I wore this blazer which is ridiculously loud and served as the tropical splash of colour I needed today. I also spent a large amount of time looking for my camera charger ,which I have come to the conclusion ,is at Uni , six hours away, so we used something that quite frankly I expected to cause absolute carnage,such was its resemblance to a weapon of mass destruction.It did take photos...whilst their clarity is dubious the dust that puffs out every time you press the shutter impressed me big time. I may continue to use it. Prepare yourselves. I also embarked on a D.I.Y extravaganza the results of which I will show you soon, even though Isabel Marant will probably hate me forever.I apologise in

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