In bed with Freud and Kafka.

N.Y.C-Levi Photography workshop photo-booth with the beautiful Grace on the left.
A day of indulgence of horrific proportions and for this I blame the weather most and myself least.It has been raining for the majority of the day which has lead me to believe that England may in fact have a monsoon season..and we are now in the midst of it. Sephora's limited edition 'Only gold for me' top coat has added pure sparkle to my day spent in between the sheets reading Kafka and Freud, attempting to start an essay on the uncanny and failing miserably as a result of much procrastination involving copious amounts of vegetable stir-fry. Having returned from  New York on Monday I have come to realise that whilst there I forgot to sleep..thanks to the Levi Photography Workshop and other distractions like Magnolia bakery.This lack of sleep and consequent absence of the brain has lead to catastrophes of epic proportions, namely putting open water bottles in to handbags that contain your life.Quite literally.(Note to self: macs,ipods,blackberry's and sketchbooks do not appreciate water in the same way you do.It does not cleanse their soul or make their skin breaks them.)Moving on from yesterday however today has replenished my love for life.I stumbled across American Gold's Spring 2011 collection and a result my Christmas wishlist is 23 items longer.Oh Calamity.The Devil Bells trousers are nothing short of a miracle somehow combining sexiness that only comes with sheer items with the classiness of brocade like patterns. Tomorrow will be more constructive and essay orientated....After I have spent the morning attempting to find how I can get a pair of Devil Bells before January that is.

American Gold s/s 11 collection:

Sephora's limited edition nail colour in 'Only Gold for me' top coat and SE 185 base.
Individually a force to be reckoned with but put them together and it's like christmas at your fingertips.

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