Negotiating Narnia

Waking up far too early for my liking I soon came to realise that today it snowed in England.It snowed in England today.In England it snowed today.Whichever way you say it there is no hiding from the truth. The weather man has well and truly lost it. Snow in England is rare,snow in November in England is ..well quite frankly bonkers.Flashes of a bearded old man sprinkling snow from a cloud up high singing  "Some people think I’m bonkers but I just think I’m free. Man I’m just living my life,there's nothing crazy about me" whilst gleefully watching the chaos that no doubt ensued as soon as the first flake hit the ground have plagued my mind all day.Now whilst thousands of children hoped the pandemonium caused by the talked of few flakes of snow would mean school was canceled,I was hoping someone (possibly the bearded weather man) had sent me the Paul & Joe Mongolie shearling coat overnight. No such luck.Persevering I used my Urban Outfitter Feather Fedora as a shield from the possible wind and rain/snow.Wrapping my fur tight around my neck and teaming it with a hot red blazer over a sheer black dress and black wooly tights.I felt fully prepared to face what by this time(to my disappointment) no longer resembled the Narnia I had hoped for and looked more like well..pavement.Nevertheless once inside again i resumed filling my sketchbook with research in to my new found love Joni Sternbach. A practitioner living in New York who uses the wet collodian process and who took a portrait of Greg and I when we visited her on Friday.Lucky us!xx

19/11/2010-Joni Sternbach

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