Buon Natale ragazzi!!

Christmas decorations, Dinner, Gold everything, Aesa ring Bona Drag.

Sing it with me "Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat, please put a Bona Drag Aesa ring in my old mans hat".In my headspace this may actually happen.The aesa ring will spring forth with a hop and a skip from within the realms of my fathers headwear on christmas day.One can live in hope, one can live in hope.For the time being and in the spirit of christmas I have been spending too much time helping decorate the christmas tree and subsequently (having had far too much fun to stop) the entire house.My abode has been transformed in to a glowing,incense smelling,visual feast(think natural wood and raffia decorations and tasteful white lights not the "I'm going to hide my house with as many flashing blue lights as humanly possible to the point where it looks more like a fire engine and thus prove to my neighbours I am better than them in every way"look).Living in the presence of twinkly white lights seems to have had side effects and I have started drowning myself in bronze and gold clothes, shoes, accessories pots of gold sparkle and having 'special time' with my face and gold eyeliner and consequent artistic facial decorations. The spoken of facial swirls accompanied me to Ice skating followed by dinner in the most beautiful of restaurants ever which has heightened my already festive state somewhat. Excited= understatement. Buon Natale ragazzi!!xx

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