Wild Thing.

Vintage Wellies, Cheap Monday Leather Jeans,Urban Outfitters Leopard Cape,
Botkier Beck Hobo,Fedora.

After banishing ideas of strangely large and red eyed cows lurking behind the mist and fog to the dark depths of Weirdland (brother of Neverland and not half as nice) things became a lot easier walking over the marsh.I suspect this was largely down to the fact that I was kept so unbelievably toasty.This leopard print cape is a warming wonder and arrived on christmas day in a wrapped up Frosties box.My mother was Queen of weird and wonderful disguises for presents this year and she did it so well that she forgot what the disguised presents actually were.This led to her pouncing on unsuspecting people as they opened the wrong present and very confused faces all round.The whole affair was highly entertaining.Christmas as a whole in fact was a bit stupendous this year. My Botkier handbag from Carolina Engman at Fashion Squad came in the post on the 24th with amazingly good timing.It's so ridiculously beautiful and soft the whole family have been stroking it for the best part of 4 days.To top things off I got an email from my favourite portrait photographer Toby Glanville today. Standard.I hope everyone has had an equally special christmas and that the New Years plans are going well xxx


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