Love Lust

One day I will stop using King charles lyrics as titles for posts I promise.Furthermore one day I will make decisions and not be greedy..but apparently decision making at this stage in my life is verging on the impossible and therefore I shall continue to have numerous objects/people that I refer to as 'the love of my life' .Do I feel bad about not two timing but three timing photographic genius Glanville whilst I shower admiration on Mac's tartan range and the fashion god that is McQueen?Yes.However faced with the impossible task of choosing ONE object for my affection, I faltered,racked my brains for  possible solutions and found none deducing that monogamy bores me and I shall therefore continue to love as many things as human greed will allow in equal amounts..and they shall love me back.xx

My newly purchased Clarissa Hulse bedspread.

Possibly the best portrait ever taken. Plasterers mate.Toby Glanville.

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