It's like Gold dust.

Religion new collection skirt.

After running around like a loony for a week I've finally handed in all my work for the holiday leaving me free to revel in the delights of nothingness. Although after consideration I've decided that I don't like nothingness much after all. It leaves me open to blog stalking which in turn leads to Internet shopping which in turn leads to a hole in my bank account. The hole  in my bank account leads to me having next to no money which forces me to reduce my spending on Chai lattes, nail varnish and stupidly priced  large format film and this in turn leads back to nothingness which means more blog stalking. It’s a vicious circle. Vicious. Nothingness is probably friends...or worse married to Scar from the Lion King, such is the sheer magnitude of its vicious ways. This aside my wardrobe has been graced with a new pair of beautiful shoes and sensational new skirt which Religion sent me in the post yesterday. The shoes are quite literally the most fantastic shoes I've seen to date(apart from the skeleton heels form the DSQUARED2 autumn/winter collection..they were a bit fantastic too).Only problem now is I can’t seem to stop stroking them in all their black suede hotness.The skirt is absolutely beautiful and such a head turner in all its gold sparkle.Both pieces are so me and I cant say Thank you enough to Religion for sending them to me! So that’s my feet and derrière sorted for the winter. My eyes are getting treated to lashings of Inglot sparkle recently which makes everything look a lot more Christmassy/glittery. Oh and to top it all off? I am the very lucky owner of the Botkier Beck Hobo thanks to Botkier and Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad. Now in an attempt to prolong more blog stalking and shopping I'm off to bake proud in 5,4,3,2,1...NOW.

New collection Wedge
Who can blame me for spending so much time procrastinating in a bedroom thats as beautiful as this?
Still in love with my elephants that I may or may not have borrowed(permanently)from  Lisa's bathroom..

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