Aldo boots,Vintage dress,Urban outfitter top,Urban outfitter cape,Botkier bag,Feather Fedora.

It's like summer time just considerably colder like 20 degrees colder.. nevertheless I totally whipped out my floral maxi skirt  headed for the beach with Grace and Michael for raspberry and mango smoothies and basked in the winter sunshine.I got a bit carried away and went bare foot to start with..regretted it promptly after and replaced my shoes pretty damn quick.I'm so in love with this top it goes with literally everything as does my Botkier bag which I fear I'm using so much ..if I were to loose it ..Im not sure life would ever be the same ..It's become that vital to my existence.Im also starting to wear so much jewellery that you can hear me a mile off jingling away.I like it, only down side is I fear I may have partially blinded a large amount of people today with the  combination of sun and way too many reflective surfaces on my person.Beautiful days like today really make me sit back, look around and think "I  cant believe I actually go to university here" out to dinner with the girls xxx

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