Lovers forever,face to face.

Topshop wide leg trousers, religion wedges, vintage top.
All Images by Michael Swann
"Its been a long time a long time, I should't have left you.." but nasty nasty weather means I've been holed up inside for far longer than id like to be,leading me to blare out Tina's 'Steamy windows'(the woman is a GODDESS) and stare longingly at all the clothes i'd love to wear but can't because of this cursed wind/rain/bane of my life.Then today I woke up and saw sunshine and so we took the opportunity to take some snaps and headed for the park.I've come to the conclusion that I always have been and always will be a child of the past.I used to live for the sixties..skipped a decade and lived for the 80s and now its more 70's.These wide legged trousers are the comfiest things since sliced bread(which of course is stupidly comfy)and remind me of Stevie nicks which in my opinion is NEVER a bad thing..can't wait for the summer so I can run around in them bare foot!xxx


  1. Your trousers are so amazing! So gorgeous. xx

  2. ... without a dope beat to step to

    (is that right? i really hope so)

    I love this! Your blog is so coool x

  3. Yep that's the one"You got it, I Know you got soul"!
    Thank You!