Underground Cow.

A night at the underground last night with my new cape/jacket/kimono beauty which I believe may have been previously owned by a rather stylish cow judging by the handy work on the pattern.It tends to billow in the arm region quite a lot and leads me to run around singing "i believe i can fly" and other classics such as "flying without wings". Oh the shame. So yes off we went to the underground- a safe haven..... underground (woah..didn't see that one coming did you?) with many mirrors, red flickering candles and strawberry daiquiris.Probably a little too much fun was had with the many mirrors and picture taking but when your dressed in clothing designed by cows what else can you do?

I made a bracelet/ring/inconvenient hand beautrosity and wore it last night along with my own skull pebble necklace worn here and other hand candy.Still in love with my bird skull ring..the people who I've accidentally impaled with its beak probably love it slightly less than I do..but c'est la vie.

The walk home was eventful.. I fear I may be becoming alcohol intolerant. Somewhat of a spanner in the works.Im off to get my final prints for my current series.I'll show you them some
                                                      Images by Michael Swann

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