Ok, so I'm back after yet another ridiculously long break from blogging. I've been so busy with work lately that I've barely had time to open my laptop let alone write things down on here but I've started to really miss doing it here's to a new beginning! I may have been busy but my shopping addiction has not suffered in the slightest and I have acquired some fantastic pieces recently that i'm head over heels with, so I have lots to show you. Just for now I wanted to give you guys a heads up about these....I think this is just about the most fabulous idea since well- a long time. In 2010 Cynthia Rowley teamed up with Gagosian to create these unique pieces which are for sale online! Rowley took photographs of her fall designs and printed them on white cotton fabric and voila - runway fashion accessible to the public ! Each dress has a Gagosian label and comes with a sewing kit so you can be as creative with your branding as you like!I don't know how I ever missed these when they first came out but the sheer fact that I know they exist makes me smile.

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