If I were a boy

I put on the hat and suddenly think i'm MJ....what can I say?.

Fedora,vintage scarf,All saints shirt,Levi converse.

I've got to say when I read about the upcoming trends for Autumn/Winter and saw that women dressing as men was one of them..I honestly thought "Well, thats one I won't be doing in a hurry". Then I realised that I've already been doing it for the last month without knowing it. My wardrobe has been busy accumulating dads shirts, (which i've literally been living in) teaming them with blazers, omi's cufflinks and oversized/undersized/any size I can get my hands on scarves.I'm loving it.I don't think I'm going to chop my hair boy short or work some full on tailored suits(unless they're of the celine variety)but this I can do!xxx

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