Jamming with my Jamba Juice.

 Jamba U.K style-ee
One week ago today life was going smoothie-ly. Mango Mantra smoothie-ly in fact.These babies give the kick that i need at eight in the morning.Safe in the knowledge I was in a city with a Jamba Juice on every street corner, mornings seemed so much easier to handle whilst sipping on a blend of Mango,Orange and Peach loveliness.Why do this to myself?Why fall head over heels when I know it will only lead to me being dragged back to reality, landing with a cold harsh thud next to ridiculously priced packs of Innocent smoothies in a isle too cold for even a stupidly stylish fur clad eskimo to withstand.Why?One large pack of innocent smoothies(which coincidently I have discovered are nothing on Jamba's) and a subsequent horrendously groggy morning later and I could take no more.Armed with multiple ingredients and bags of ice I began concocting.A hugely satisfying mess later and my very own U.K Jamba juice was born.I am contemplating the lengths I would go to trying to get a Jamba Juice opened in my town.They are extensive.
In other news my new L'occitane solid perfume and lipstick are incredible I've not stopped using them since their purchase.At least those I was able to bring back with me to the U.K, which in actual fact is quite lucky really.I'm not sure if I'd fare as well attempting to create solid perfume with kitchen utensils.
People watching over Amaretto latte.

Black maxi, military jacket,turnover heels,fedora and fur.
A late afternoon session and catch up in Nero's with Michael brought about heated discussions about our next photographic adventures.Nothing quite like watching the outside world fight off arctic conditions whilst wrapped up in fur and delving in to the depths of an Amaretto latte.A night of trivial persuit,toffee apple brothers and a male wet t-shirt competition lay ahead.Im not sure how to feel abut the latter half considering my suspicion that many contestants may be middle aged and overweight.I feel fear may overrule curiosity tonight.
Photography by Michael Swann.

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