One Common wire, One Silver Thread.

I mentioned the other day about what happens in England when it snows.My point has been proven today.A thin layer of snow has led to my lecture being canceled.Numerous emails explaining that nobody should attempt the treacherous terrain and try and make it on to campus today after which I highly suspect in invisible font were the words "or you will die" made me laugh.Hysterically.My next thoughts were.."oohhhh a free day!" and seconds later "ohhh Amaretto latte at Nero's" to which my unfinished essay,sketchbook and all other work raised immaculate eyebrows.Damn them.My plans were banished in to a bottomless pit of blackness with all of my other amazing yet slightly unrealistic ideas when I realised I would not be able to get down the hill in to town for Amaretto latte yet alone back up again.The said thin layer of snow has turned to a slush puppy wannabe(tsk) and made it is too slippery to walk up and down near vertical hills.

So I stalked Ryan Mcginley for a bit. Entirely besotted with his new 'Life Adjustment Center' series. Completely different to his older work and so 'FRESH'..or is it 'FIERCE'?I digress.The man is a genius and I fully intend on stalking his photographs for a good while longer.

'Life Adjustment Center'- Ryan McGinley.

Inspired I very cautiously went in search for barren skies and landscapes for my new series.The sky was a ghastly shade of grey they kind you only see before or after snow and perfect for my images.Whilst in the park we got distracted by Patti Smith lyrics...their ability to show relevance in every situation possible and my "Silver thread"(One common wire, One silver thread-Patti Smith-I rest my case) jacket.I had my furry leg-warmers on which are proving indispensable. You know what they say "once you kill a gotta make a burg" not that "Keep your feet and head warm and everything will be alright".I made that up but you get the gist of it.It's totally true.My jacket I found in a vintage shop ages ago and have quite literally lived in it.My dress and hat are urban outfitter's and my essay remains unfinished. Hmph. I'm on it.

The downside of having hair like mine is that it tends to become a part of your diet.Daily.


  1. Ha,Thank You.The heel means your feet don't get as wet in the slush too. Always a bonus xx