I taught her to whip her hair.

Essay on the uncanny is finished. Unfortunately I now apply Freud's thinking to everything.My mind seems to be working in a peculiar fashion whilst vintage shopping -"I don't like this jacket ,it does strange things to my boobs.Oh dear lord.My boobs..theres two of them..that's surely an example of the Freud's double..great my boobs are uncanny.My boobs are uncanny".
I need the American Gold lace bell trousers...I'm not sure I can wait another month!!.I need a Pendleton tote.I've discovered milk roll.I like it.Also, you know when you peel clementines and after your hands smell like christmas?Im going to bottle that smell and wear it for the entire duration of this festive season. Tonight I'm spending my evening with Jeff Wall .

Urban Outfitter Fedora.Vintage pocket watch.Vintage shawl.Leather jeans.Aldo boots.

Pendleton Bag.Be mine or cease to exist... basically.
Oh Mr Wall "I hate that I love you so".

Photography by Michael Swann..apart from the Jeff wall one.That's Jeff Wall.

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