"Im the fastest of the fish and the prickliest of pears."

I must admit I was slightly worried when the boys in my house decided to cook.However last night's dinner was indeed a culinary feast with chocolate coated strawberries involved thus making me beyond happy.I've been sketching and researching all day and coffee in the shed with Grace was a beauty of a distraction.We indulged in huge amounts of gossip and random musings and she gave me these photographs from  Greenwich.

The waterfront Greenwich in my floral babies.

Sephora nail polish.

Grace and I in Greenwich.

Now although Marvin Gaye did not specifically mention Greenwich village , I had heard it through the grapevine that Greenwich was a must visit whilst in New York.What Marvin completely failed to mention whilst busy telling me that "he knew about my plans to make him blue with some other guy that I knew before"..(How he knew? I'm not quite sure but then discretion has never been my strong point..again I digress.) was that Greenwich is the greatest place known to mankind.I miss it ridiculous amounts. In an attempt to banish Greenwich from my brain I am distracting myself by eating noodleless vegetable stir fry..with upside down paintbrushes.I have no chopsticks and this is quite frankly a lot more fun.Anyway it's my last week here before I go home for christmas and I plan to have lots of fun and shake it up here.Ah talking of which trains new song 'shake up christmas' has broken my replay button and made me stupidly festive.I should write a letter of complaint at some point.Furthermore my preoccupation with king charles has returned more persistent than ever and is slowly but surely taking over my life.Things would be so much easier if he wasn't so nice in person too.I'll put a link here so you can witness his amazingness.

All photography by Grace Martinez.

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